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Hot Work Tool Steel Round Bar

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  1. Hot Work Tool Steel Bar

    This Hot Work Tool Steel Bar is best known for superior resistance to heat checking and erosion. This steel is specially manufactured for working at elevated temperatures. Extensively used in manufacturing of various products in e.g. aluminium, steel or other metals, this steel grade finds application in die-casting, extrusion and forging. This tool steel bar features high strength as well as a very good ductility and toughness. It also has high resistance against thermal cyclic stresses and good hot wear resistance.
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  2. Hot Work Steel Round Bar

    Hot Work Tool Steel Round Bar operates at elevated temperatures. These are widely used in manufacturing of different products in e.g. aluminum, steel or other metals. The most common application areas are die-casting, extrusion and forging. These round bars feature high strength as well as a very good ductility and toughness. These bars also have high resistance against thermal cyclic stresses and good hot wear resistance. Our entire stock is best known for superior resistance to heat checking and erosion.
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  3. H11 Steel Round Bar

    This H11 Steel has better toughness as compared to conventional H13. Features high strength at elevated temperatures, this steel grade has fine grain size. It is high in demand in various industries including extrusion, die casting, forging and aircraft. Extensively used for manufacturing of various products such as forming dies, press dies, dies for die-carbide, landing gears and arrester hooks, this steel is an all inclusive hot work tool steel with hot rigidity and durability.
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  4. H13 Steel Round Bar

    This H13 Steel Round Bar contains a versatile chromium-molybdenum hot work steel. It is extensively used in hot work and cold work tooling applications. The hot hardness of H13 steel resists thermal fatigue cracking in the round bars which occurs as a result of cooling cycles in hot work tooling applications. Feature an excellent combination of high toughness and resistance to thermal fatigue cracking, this round bar is highly preferred for hot work tooling applications as compared to any other grades. It also exhibits excellent stability in heat treatment procedures.
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  5. H21 Steel Round Bar

    H21 Steel Round Bar is used as hot work devices, instruments for manufacture of hollows, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts. This round bar is wisely made of hot work tool steel for oil or air solidifying to grow high hot quality, maintenance of hardness, and warmth checking resistance. High in demand for manufacturing various die casting tools, forming dies, die inserts and hot shear blades, the entire stock gets benefited from the tungsten content in its composition. The tungsten is beneficial for hot strength in the steel round bar at red heat.
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  6. 1.2344 Steel Round Bar

    This 1.2344 Steel is extensively used for manufacturing a wide range of hot forming tools, hot forging dies, pressure casting tools, hot shear knives, tools for plastic industry, hot punches and dies for blanking, ,hot extrusion dies for aluminium and tin and lead die casting. In addition, it also has superior resistance to thermal fatigue cracking and superb resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock.
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  7. Hot Die Steel Bar

    Our excellent range of Hot Die Steel Bar is wisely manufactured with better processing and servicing properties as compared to other comparable steels in forging. These steels are widely used for manufacturing a variety of components such as die casting dies, forged dies, hot piercing punches, bolt dies, forming punches and aluminium extrusion dies. This steel features high hot tensile strength and toughness. In addition, it also has good thermal conductivity and insusceptibility to hot cracking. This special steel can be water-cooled to a limited extent.
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  8. Tool Steels Round Bars

    Feature Good machine- ability and grind ability, these Tool Steels Bar are available in both cold and hot rolled forms. Highly resistant to chipping, cracking and wearing, these steels are high in demand for use in cold forging, powder pressing, extrusion and rolling. Completely resistant to deformation and corrosion, these steels can easily withstand extreme temperatures. We offer these steels to clients in varied dimensions for meeting their exact needs.
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